Tree Life cycle Management | Tree Protection System

CB IoT Technologies Pvt Ltd (CBTech) is an Agritech startup developing products and solutions in Agriculture, Agroforestry and Tree Lifecycle Management We are IoT Company leveraging AI and Black chain technologies; our products are targeted toward monitor and protect high value tree species. Our “Tree Life Cycle Management” solution will monitor and provide insights of various parameters of tree species from plantation, harvesting to end of life .

Micro Chip based Real time sensor

“Microchip based IoT solution is to monitor trees remotely using web interface and mobile app. Each unauthorized attempt on tree (like tree cut, theft) will result in alarm to all registered devices.

Below are main components in this product

  • Sensors (Tags)
  • Gateway
  • Server with Web Admin Interface
  • Mobile App (Android) (Next version supports iOS)
Solution Features:
  • Prevent Tree cutting
  • Capture Daily attendance of Trees
  • Report of any fall down of tree on real-time or Quasi-real-time wherever no internet connectivity
  • Should work in harsh weather conditions
  • Economical
  • Easy installation, Easy to maintain and Easy to track
  • Google Map Integration
  • Should able to capture Tree detail like location (lat,lang), type and age of tree, etc..
  • Central Monitoring Station

Set of Sensor tags forms Wireless sensor network (WSN) with Gateway Device. Gateway and Sensors will communicate with RF. Each Gateway can handle approximately 100 sensor tags with in the 1 KM radius.

Trees are tagged with sensors embedded in the trees in a camouflage enclosure (customer to suggest ideal place for mounting the sensors on tree and possible ways to secure it from un-mounting from unauthorized people) that communicate with a gateway over air interface (RF) sending alerts and notifications

Sensor (Tag): Sensor is designed based on microcontroller with accelerometer and customized algorithms are designed to detect various parameters from the assets, here sensor will detect vibration and tilt and communicate with Gateway. Sensor also send daily health message to Gateway. Sensor works on 3V Lithium coin battery, which is expected to last for more than one year.

Industrial Grade Gateway

Gateway collect the information (Tree cut/Tilt alerts, daily attendance, etc..) from the Sensors and relay and/or Store and Forward information to the Server.

CBTech IIoT gateway supports many interfaces like USB, Ethernet, USB OTG and Serial etc. It has inbuilt Wi-Fi module and proprietary RF module. It has onboard memory storage device and also support external memory card.

  • Cloud Ready
  • 10/100/1000 Ethernet
  • USB Power source connector
  • Up to 32GB memory card support
  • Wi-Fi 2.4GHz 802.11n wireless
  • Lora RF (867 MHz) Free band support up to 2 Km
  • Power button and Reset button
  • LEDs
  • Low power consumption
  • Operating temperature is -30°C to +70°C

Scalable Cloud Server

Server is built with state-of –the-art technologies which can be hosted either in the cloud or standalone. Server software has capability to handle more than one million trees. Server will configure and monitor the WSN and collect the information from the Gateways and processes for the users.

  • Server communicates with the gateway devices and clients like sensors and mobile apps over HTTPS protocol to gather and process information and provide insights for users.
  • Web server that interacts with a browser based client and Android app for monitoring and control.
  • The Web application will have admin, operator and user login privileges.
  • Alerts and notifications will pop-up on the Mobile devices & Web clients, when any event occurs and user can view the details about it. Google maps are integrated in both Server and Mobile App, with color coding indicating if there is any alarm or event notification from any tree.

Fig: E-protection Solution Architecture.

  • Trees are tagged with sensors embedded in the trees in an enclosure that communicate with a gateway over air interface sending alerts and notifications.
  • Gateway collects information from sensors and relays the same to the Server Application over internet which is centrally located (server).
  • Information will be displayed on Google maps through Server Web Application with color coding indicating if there is any alarm or event notification to a tree.
  • Client is also provided android app to monitor trees on mobile.
  • User can check tree well-being report on mobile and web application.

Mobile App

Mobile applications for monitoring the trees for users (admins) are built on Android technology. Mobile App can be downloaded from Google Play store. Mobile Application is also having similar GUI interface as Server Web interface.

  • Mobile Application having various user access privileges like super Admin, Area Supervisor, etc.. to restrict the area monitoring
  • One Area can be monitored by multiple supervisors
  • Instant GCM (Google Cloud Message) Notifications
  • Daily Attendance from the Trees
  • Tree in danger will be alerted and displayed with RED color.

Semi- Automatized, Low-cost Solution with RFID Technology

Tree asset tracking can also achieved with semi-automated Low cost solution for Low value and Low risk tree species with RFID technology, where solution cost reduced to 50 to 10 times In this solution architecture, Server software and mobile applications are remains same, however “Real time microchip based sensors” are replaced with “RFID tags” and “IoT Gateway” will be replaced with “Handheld RFID Reader”. ".

UHF RFID Handheld Reader


Dimensions 160(W) x 82(D) x 165(H)mm
Weight 330g
Notification Speaker, vibrator
Battery 4500mAh/ 6500mAh (optional)
User Input Trigger on pistol grip


Read Range > 12M (Indoor); >6M (Outdoor open pace) (@ Alien 9662) (Read range can be affected by tag and environment)
Read Rate >=150 tags/sec
UHF Module SLR1200, based On Impinj Indy R2000
Antenna Circularly polarized antenna (3dB)
Frequency Range FCC (USA): 902-928MHz ETSI (Europe): 865-867MHz SRRC-MII (China) 840-845MHz , 920-925MHz Other frequency band support (customizable upon request)
RFID Tags:


  • Create data-rich maps of their farms and fields
  • Capture Pictures, Analyze the data and share meaningful insights
  • Detect crop health issues in real-time
  • Detect variability and prevent in-season crop loss
  • Spry Pesticides
  • Tree counting
  • Protection from intruders